Community Gardens

fresno community gardens coalition logo Fresno Community Garden Coalition - A project of Fresno Metro Ministry

The MISSION of the Fresno Community Garden Coalition is to provide structural, technical, and network support to communities who have or wish to start a garden in their neighborhoods. The Coalition is a clearinghouse of information and ideas for those who want to see many gardens thrive in Fresno County.

BACKGROUND: Community Gardens bring people together in the effort of growing their own food. In Fresno County, where 32% of children live in poverty and 36% of adults have trouble putting food on the table, the ability to grow one's own food can make the difference between a happy or hungry home.

Gardens are Green Space, They:
  • Create a more livable environment by controlling temperature, noise, and pollution
  • Help create a positive community image for both residents and visitors
  • Create opportunities for people to work together to improve their community
For information on Metro's Community Gardens, contact: Tom Matott at or (559) 485-1416.

Click here to download the Community Gardens Toolkit.


Community Garden Sponsors & Supporters in the Fresno Area